Sunday, May 10, 2009

california coastal commission

After two years of waiting we have finally made it through Coastal!

See below for our approval:

Application No. 6-08-86 (Gautsch & Matsui, Solana Beach) Application of Pollie Gautsch & Darryl Matsui to construct 2-story, 4,012 sq.ft., single-family home, 283 sq.ft. workshop, and 590 sq.ft., 2-car garage, with associated grading and landscaping, on 59,533 sq.ft. vacant lot, at 445 Holmwood Lane, Solana Beach, San Diego County. (EL-SD) [APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS, moved to Consent Calendar]

We still have some conditions to complete but as soon as we get the building permits from the City of Solana Beach we will be able to break ground.

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