Saturday, July 5, 2008

Building Green in Solana Beach, San Diego

This is the story of Pollie Gautsch and Darryl Matsui's trials of building green in Solana Beach, CA. We bought a 1.3 acre piece of property in Solana Beach in a lagoon area. Its so beautiful and we want to build our dream (and green) home on the property. One and a half years later our story poles are up, plans are in the city of Solana Beach and we are on our way. We go to the city for approvals (cross your fingers) in August 08. In the meantime we will be collecting green materials and information to build this dream home. So far we have a bamboo sink from Stone Forest and have picked out our "green" builder...Christian Naylor from Naylor Construction.


Nancy Portner said...

I think your idea to build green is right on. I look forward to hearing your progress!

paul Spadone said...

We just moved in next to you in the Canyon! What a magical place and good for you for choosing to go Green. I just finished building an amazing Green Home in Del Mar and we are starting to build the first Platinum LEED certified home in Del Mar.
Let us know if we can help.
Paul and Heather Spadone

Jeffrey said...

Have you had any exposure to building using the ICF forming system. It is a great way to build a solid structure and easily achieve a highly insulated, low energy use situation.

Let me know if your interested and I'll put you in contact with the best in the business here in SD.


Jeffrey Parry
Black Dog Builders

Pollie Gautsch said...

Please send over any info you have.