Friday, July 25, 2008

La Jolla Proposed Solar Energy Farm

Looks like the parking lot at UTC in La Jolla could be home to a solar energy farm, which would shade cars while generating power. The new generation of solar panels will form a "roof" over parked vehicles. The proposed panels would pivot so they could follow the sun as it moves west. They are 60 percent more efficient than flat panels, SDG&E said.
The company's president said the project would be just one part of a $250 million on solar energy. Along with its plan for the shopping center lot, SDG&E wants to build solar farms on city owned lands and military bases. It's the largest solar initiative in local history.
The electricity generated would power homes and provide juice so that customers can charge up their plug-in hybrids while they shop. Westfield is also putting another solar panel on the center's ice rink, and installing two thousand compact flourescent lights.

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